Graduate Master Builder “GMB” is an exclusive professional builder
designation with less than 500 graduates throughout the entire
United States.  The National Association of Home Builders “NAHB”,
with over 205,000 members nationwide located in Washington,  D.C.,
developed the GMB program in order to  emphasize business and
project management skills as the key to a professional building

The GMB designation assures you, the homeowner, that the largest
financial investment of your life time is being manufactured by one
of the building industries top professionals.  
The NAHB’s members
build over 80% of the homes in the United States each year, and
less than .2% of the NAHB members have earned the GMB
Why should I use a Master Builder?
The GMB designation requires that graduates attend the NAHB
University of Housing meet prescribed standards of practice, possess a
minimum of two years building industry experience, have a proven track
record of successful project management, complete a comprehensive
education curriculum, participate in continuing education and pledge to
uphold the program’s code of ethics.

Building Technology:
— Building Codes & Standards
— Building Technology: Systems and Structures
Interior Finishes :
— Building Technology: Structures, Systems and Materials
Exterior Finishes
— Indoor Air Quality
— Energy Efficient Construction
Business Finance:
— Business Accounting and Job Costs
— Construction Contracts and Law
— Estimating
— Finance Banking
— Introduction to Business Management
Project Management:
— Design/Build
— Off-Site Project Management
— On-Site Project Management
— Scheduling
Sales & Marketing:
— Customer Service
— Land Development, Site Planning